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Rich Coach Broke Coach 


Rich Coach Broke Coach (RCBC) was written with the intent on helping coaches where they need it most: in the areas of business, marketing, client interactions, sales, and making money. RCBC is your blueprint for all that and much more. What you’ll find inside this rich manual is only the most concise, nugget-rich content you’ve probably ever read on running a profitable coaching business.

Rich Coach Broke Coach was written with the specific intent to cover topics not covered in the vast majority of books written about coaching or starting your own coaching business. Glance over these chapters for a glimpse into this treasure chest:

CHAPTER #1 – Starting & Running A “Rich Coach” Business

CHAPTER #2 – Fees, Income & Making Money As A “Rich Coach”

CHAPTER #3 – Finding, Enrolling & Working With Clients

CHAPTER #4 – Rich Coaching Tools, Websites & Resources

CHAPTER #5 – Marketing Tactics For All Coaches

PLUS: Rich Coach Goals & Start-Up Checklist

Coaches face many challenges in today’s market, from running their business, to finding/keeping clients, designing their website, establishing their fees, creating coaching packages, marketing and avoiding mistakes.

Because of this, most coaches never profit from their knowledge and efforts. If you are serious about making money and helping others as a coach, then GET THIS MANUAL.

Rich Coach Broke Coach was written to take both you and your coaching business, easily step-by-step, to the highest level of success for both you and your clients.


Formats: Print / eBook / Audio

Print Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"

Page Count: 240

Audio: 8+ Hours

150+ Mistakes Coaches Make


Another “RICH COACH” book I wrote: 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make! Inside this coaching book, I highlight over 150+ mistakes coaches make. Each page is packed with mistakes you should watch out for. Here are the mistakes I go over in this one-of-a-kind book!

32 Business Mistakes

24 Coaching/Client Mistakes

6 Communication Mistakes

5 Education/Training Mistakes

23 Marketing Mistakes

12 Mindset Mistakes

31 Money-Making Mistakes

3 Personal Mistakes

19 Website Related Mistakes

Can you imagine how much more successful you will be as a coach when you know what mistakes to avoid? Namely, 150+ of them? Exactly! GET THIS BOOK! 

You’ll be shaking your head with most every mistake tip you read (or hear). I know, for myself, when I accumulated these mistakes, I shook my head, “Yep, I agree. That’s a mistake and even I have to make sure I don’t make these coaching mistakes.”


Formats: Print / eBook / Audio

Print Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"

Page Count: 60

Audio: 1.5 Hours

Bart Smith, Author Rich Coach Broke Coach

I'm the author of Rich Coach Broke Coach and 150+ Mistakes Coaches Make. If you're a coach, or aspire to be one, these two books are mandatory reading for you if you want to run a successful, profitable coaching business.

I also help coaches get organized with my coaching client forms so they can run a profitable and respectable coaching business.





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